Outdoor Journeys

Outdoor Journeys included

Selected presenters will guide these journeys which include guided meditation, interdimensional visualization, sound journeys, wisdom teachings and astral travel. You will be guided into accessing higher dimensional realms as the guides tune you into the vortex and open portals into higher consciousness..




Rob Gauthier Journey: The "E.T. Whisperer" will prepare your consciousness and energetic body to open your own natural channel to your Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Consciousnesses. These include techniques to ground and neutralize your energy, create structures of protection, and energetic and focus techniques that expand your consciousness and connect you to higher dimensional energy and streams of information. Sedona spiritual guide, Victoria Lopez, will be supporting Rob on this journey with her expertise and sound journey gifts.

Georgia Jean Journey: Learn to become fully seated in the Heart for the activation of your energetic skills and abilities without activating the resistance of the Mind. With this clear intuition you can avoid bringing the illusions of the mind into the higher dimension and navigate your way toward the experience a multi-dimensional life seated in the true joy, love, abundance, safety and miraculousness of the Heart. Sedona Guide, Lori Lane, supports Georgia Jean on this journey with sound frequency.

Cendrine Sauvenier Journey: The ascension process that is happening is unique to our human history, for we are doing this on a large scale, with our body, which has never happened before. The physical body is a copy of the pranic body. Learn how to increase the frequency of the pranic body to heal and upgrade your physical body while harmonizing the connection to integrate light codes. Sedona Guide, Aurora Luna Star, supports Georgia Jean on this journey with sound frequency.


Michael Jaco Journey: Michael Jaco is known as the Intuitive Warrior. He can open your mind to extremely powerful intuitive, spiritual, and cognitive abilities ESPECIALLY in the spiraling vortex of Sedona!  The high-frequency vibe of the vortex opens ascension portals within which spiritual gifts of expanded awareness ignite! Michael will tune you into the spiraling vortex fields to activate and expand your intuitive, psychic and cognitive powers. You will be elevated into states of higher consciousness giving you a greater sense of inner peace, ecstatic bliss and a feeling of oneness with all that is. Sedona spiritual guide, Victoria Lopez, will be supporting Rob on this journey with her expertise and sound journey gifts.

Suzanne Ross Journey: Suzanne has been a spiritual guide leading outdoor journeys into Sedona's sacred vortex sites for several years. She brings her expertise and many tools for transcendence. You will receive energetic transmissions for alignment & attunement with your 5D energy body. You will learn how to reunite with your fragmented soul aspects in other timelines & dimensions while releasing 3D karmic attachments. This will bring 5D light codes online to ignite dormant DNA strands and activate advanced spiritual technologies for ascension.

Melissa Feick Journey: Melissa will Activate Your Crystalline Frequencies during this high-vibe journey! She will be utilizing the frequency of Sedona to activate and align your vibration and your DNA Light Codes. She will channel the Ascension Councils and the Meditative journey. During this is a high energy experience we will create a sacred geometric grid to activate the highest crystalline frequencies and Multidimensional activations to awaken your spiritual gifts of Divine Service.