Outdoor Journeys

Selected presenters will guide these journeys which include guided meditation, interdimensional visualization, sound journeys, wisdom teachings and astral travel. You will be guided into accessing higher dimensional realms as the guides tune you into the vortex and open portals into higher consciousness.

Tickets include the number of Outdoor Journeys purchased. You can purchase up to 4 Outdoor Journeys. Outdoor Journeys on Friday and Saturday take place at the same time as the Indoor Workshops. To select the Outdoor Journeys you want to attend, please use the Sched app link for this event. When your ticket has been processed through Sched, you will receive an email with a link and instructions for creating a profile and selecting your Outdoor Journeys. Please check out the FAQ page for more information about using the Sched app.

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Outdoor Journeys hosted by Sedona Mystical Tours


Tree of Life: Level 1: Easy hike, flat ground, less than a mile roundtrip
Crescent Moon: Level 1: Easy hike, flat ground, less than a mile roundtrip
Peace Park: Level 2: Moderate hike, hilly, about a mile roundtrip
Secret Slickrock: Level 3: Challenging hike, steep incline, a mile and 1/2 roundtrip
Apache House of Fire: Level 3: Challenging hike, steep incline, a mile and 1/2 roundtrip




Tree of Life Site: Jamye Price: Expanding your Multi-dimensional Communication with Elementals

Pick-up Location: Meet at Red Rock State Park

Secret Slickrock Site: Kim Sieb: A Vortex Embodiment & Energy Healing Adventure

Pick-up Location: Meet shuttles at Event Center

FRIDAY 12:30-3:30 GUIDES


Pick-up Location: Meet shuttles at Event Center

Peace Park Site: Vincent Genna: Interdimensional Contact: Group Reading with Psychic Insights

House of Fire Site: Alllison Carmany: A Transformative Journey: Spirit Mediumship in the Vortex

Tree of Life Site: Brandie Wells: Spirit Messages in the Vortex


Pick-up Location: Meet shuttles at Event Center


Peace Park Site: Lyssa Royal Holt: Contact and Consciousness: Opening to Contact in Sedona's Energy Portals

Tree of Life Site: Yafi Yair: Conversations with the Earth: Channeled Messages from Mother Earth, Fairies, Sedona’s Vortex, Spirit Guides & the Divine Feminine Hathor.

House of Fire Site: Anne Tucker: Peace Bathing in the Vortex

SUNDAY 9:30-12:30 GUIDES


House of Fire Site: Lisa McCardle: A Shamanic Journey

Meet at Red Rock State Park

Crescent Moon Site: Matt & Joy Kahn with Aurora Luna Star: A Sacred Journey with Soulful Guidance plus Sound Healing

Meet at Cultural Park



Jamye Price's Outdoor Journey: Expanding your Multi-dimensional Communication with Elementals: Jamye will speak about some lesser-known aspects of the elemental connection to our evolution. She will transmit an elemental Light Language activation and guide you through a connective meditation to experience our loving fae family personally. Enhancing your conscious communication with nature and the elementals expands your understanding of the invisible support and interaction that is constantly occurring. Prepare to hug a tree! :o)

Kim Sieb: A Vortex Embodiment & Energy Healing Adventure: Experience the healing energy of the land and the healing energy within. Experience the healing vortex energy while attuning to its spiraling energy frequencies as you harmonize your body's energy centers. This heightened vibrational frequency invites harmony for a greater sense of well-being, emotionally, mentally and physically, while also fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness with Mother Earth and the Divine Source. Not only will you learn about the vortex phenomena, you’ll have the opportunity to personally feel and experience the healing vortex energy yourself.


Vincent Genna's Outdoor Journey: Interdimensional Contact: A Group Reading: Brace yourselves for an extraordinary revelation! Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey of cosmic proportions as we delve into the mysteries of our celestial kin. From the depths of the universe, our original brothers and sisters have descended to guide us towards a higher plane of existence. Vincent, our earthly liaison, has been bestowed with the profound task of enlightening humanity on UFOUAPs and extraterrestrial phenomena, under the guidance of the esteemed Intergalactic Council. Join us for an Outdoor Journey like never before, where Vincent will impart invaluable wisdom and spiritual insights directly from the Council. Engage with these ethereal beings, seek answers to Earthly dilemmas, and expand your consciousness in ways unimaginable. This is not merely an event, but a cosmic rendezvous of epic proportions. Are you ready to elevate your understanding and connect with the stars themselves? Don't miss this cosmic connection extravaganza - your universe is about to expand!

Allison Carmany's Outdoor Journey: A Transformative Journey: Spirit Mediumship in the Vortex Allison will tune into personal messages from loved ones or spirit to assist you in navigating your soul's evolution.

Brandie Well's Outdoor Journey: Spirit Messages in the Vortex: Join The Breakthrough Medium and Hypnotist, Brandie Wells, for a transformative outdoor experience. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic state amidst the natural beauty of the vortex while being brought through a journey of the hypnotic state. With Brandie's guidance, explore the depths of the spirit realm, connecting with guides and loved ones. Discover the power of the vortex to amplify messages and awaken your intuition. Don't miss this unique journey of spiritual growth and connection.


Lyssa Royal Holt's Journey: Contact and Consciousness: Opening to Contact in Sedona's Energy Portals: In this experiential adventure, Lyssa’s extraterrestrial guides Sasha (the Pleiadian) and Hamón (the Sirian) will deepen the lessons shared in the previous workshops by guiding participants to access their own universal consciousness (the true Self). This journey will contain channeled lectures and profound guided experiences to assist participants in opening to the more subtle aspects of contact, utilizing the doorways and portals present in Sedona. Contact is much more than just meeting an extraterrestrial. Done in a sacred way, it always leads to connecting with one’s multidimensional consciousness all the way back to the One, or Source.

Anne Tucker's Outdoor Journey: Peace Bathing in the Vortex: Join Anne Tucker and invite a deeper connection with the Angels in this powerful yet gentle group healing session, within the energy of the vortex! As Anne enters a deep trance state and brings through the Angels, they will gently hold you in the frequency of peace, allowing your body to release stress and anxiety, calming discordant energies, and helping you to become more coherent and aligned. The Angels will be present with you individually, tailoring the healing specifically to you and your needs.

Yafi Yair's Outdoor Journey: Conversations with the Earth: Channeled Messages from Mother Earth, Fairies, Sedona’s Vortex, Spirit Guides & the Divine Feminine Hathor: A channel of the Divine Feminine, Earth Spirits and Ascended Masters, Dr. Yafi will attune you to the frequency of the sacred land we are on, helping you connect to the loving energy of Mother Earth. Dr. Yafi will then channel different intelligences in our present environment like Mother Earth, the Vortex, Trees, Fairies, Extraterrestrials, and other loving, wise intelligences who want to make contact with our group.


Lisa McCardle: A Shamanic Journey Creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening, Lisa McCradle, is an award-winning speaker, Transformational Life Coach, Soul Alchemist and a Spirit Channel. For more than 25 years, Lisa has guided high-powered executives, celebrities, and everyday people through the process of clearing for expansion, finding purpose and reclaiming true personal power. She is passionate about supporting souls to plug back into the source of which they were created, to awaken their fullest potential and watch the magic of their extraordinary lives unfold.

Matt & Joy Kahn with Aurora Luna Star: A Sacred Journey with Soulful Guidance & Sound Healing: Matt Kahn, Joy Kingsborough and Aurora Luna Star lead this soul-inspiring, heart-opening, sound healing sacred journey. Matt Kahn is known as the "I love you" guy! His latest book, All for Love, encompasses his dedication to spreading love far and wide. Joy Kingsborough channels her guide Jonah and brings through inspirational and empowering messages. Her empowering book "Queing Up Magic" features these transmissions. Aurora Luna Star is an Inter-dimensional Channel specializing in Starseed Akashic readings, Sound Activations and Personal Empowerment. Through her channel, Aurora connects with The ELders of the Cosmos, accessing light codes via sound, messages, images and light language.