Speaker Bios & Presentations



Suzanne Ross


Along with welcoming everyone anad introducing the event, Suzanne will be presenting about Virtuality, Multidimensionality and Ascending Avatars. She has been tuned into other dimensions since being born in Mt Shasta. She now resides in Sedona where she guides interdimensional journeys in the vortex. As a child, she was able to communicate with the beings in other realms from fairies and angels to spirits and aliens. At the age of 30, she was blessed with a divine intervention on a mountaintop where she was merged with her higher self and aligned with her true calling in the fields of wellness & spirituality. After a missing time experience in Sedona, she was gifted with the ability to reveal the multidimensional aspects of one's being and perform soul reunions that ignite dormant DNA strands and awaken advanced gifts and abilities. She offers a guided meditation so you can connect with your Source-Self, the soul behind the simulation.

Michael Jaco

As a Navy Seal Team Six operator and CIA security operative with expert intuitive abilities developed over 35 years of extensive combat experience, Michael now teaches the secrets of developing highly intuitive gifts, remote viewing, remote influencing and remote healing. Michael has expertly honed his skills in the higher consciousness realms and will show you to how access these realms to elevate your consciousness connection. Michael's mission and life focus is to help anyone quickly and easily develop the skills for success in all aspects of human achievement, higher intuitive awareness and higher consciousness states.

Michael has a free flow style and a very intuitive way of presenting. He will speak about his book The Intuitive Warrior and his experiences in the Navy as a SEAL and also as a CIA Security contractor. He will also talk about an Archangel Michael experience he had that changed the course of his life ~

Maureen St Germain


Introducing the 8D MerKaba, and why it is so valuable. Learn about the sacred geometry behind creation so you can relate to this and internalize the templates that allow you to co-create with the universe. Learning the secrets of Sacred Geometry will make it easy for you to manifest and demonstrate that you are in harmony with your own creation – Source. Understand that the attraction of harmony, balance and creation allow for each person to heal and repair themselves and lead others into their own mastery.

Reuben Langdon

Ancient Past, Ever-Changing Future, & the Eternal Now 
As we come to better understand our place in the universe, we are realizing that time is much more than a linear construct. Our past may be malleable and our future filled with limitless possibilities. In this panel, Reuben will discuss his discoveries of how ancient Lemurian and Atlantean influences have permeated into human history as well as share insights he has gained from conversations stemming from his show Interview with E.D., (Extra Dimensionals), - plus stories about encounters during his new series Quest of The Crystal Skull!

Rob Gauthier


Rob is a Channeler of multiple beings including Aridif, Metatron, Treb, the Nihal Collective and over 300 E.T. Consciousnesses. He will tune in and bring through the beings and messages most pertinent to the group at the time. He will also be teaching channeling during his indoor workshop and outdoor vortex journey.


Isabella Greene

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Isabella will bring through a channeled transmission from the Andromedans based on the best vibrational match for the group.


Georgia Jean

Learn to become full seated in the Heart so any opening of energetic skills does not activate the resistance of the Mind and amplify the Mind illusions (survival, polarity and separation) into the multi-dimensional realms where things can get really weird and even potentially psychologically damaging.
With the acceleration of energies many people are rapidly awakening and experiencing new energetic abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, prophecy, channeling etc) or have the desire to develop such skills. 
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of unintentionally amplifying the suffering of the Mind into these faster energetic fields and bypass many of the physical act outs (“Ascension Symptoms) and distracting stories of the Mind projected into this realm (dark energy, entities, curses, psychic warfare, fantasy projections, confusing and misguided psychic information and signs) and come into alignment the powerful clear knowingness that comes when you awaken yourself BEYOND the illusions of the Mind.
With this clear intuition you can navigate your way, and support others to discover, live and experience a multi-dimensional life seated in the true joy, love, abundance, safety and miraculousness of the Heart.

Cendrine Sauvenier


"Cendrine will channel her High Council of Light to teach about channeling and how you can access this ability yourself, with much greater depth and precision. Their teachings weave ancient knowledge with new quantum understanding. It is deep, practical, very grounding and often delivered with a great dose of humour! She will also trance channel the Arcturians and share more on the fascinating art of trance channeling. Join Cendrine for a session that will bring deep transformation on multidimensional levels and open up your channeling abilities."

Melissa Feick


Akashic Records on the Quantum Field

Learn how to utilize the power of the new paradigm of creation from the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field. This creation is the cornerstone for you to experience your multidimensional self. You will build the new energy grid of change to activate your soul alignment and heart wisdom. Learn about your Star Code of Creation and what it truly means to experience 5D/Instantaneous creation from the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field.


Alchemy of Ascension

Learn what it means to Embody the Ascension and move from 3D reality into 5D through the transformational power of Alchemy. Recalibrate your energy to embody more of your Rainbow body which is a higher vibration energy system. This will align you with your expansive connection and activate your soul gifts. Calibrate your Blueprint of the Ascended Human using sacred geometry and Star Code energy.

Land Journey:

Activate Your Crystalline Frequencies

Melissa will be utilizing the frequency of Sedona to activate and align your vibration and your DNA Light Codes. She will channel the Ascension Councils and the Meditative journey. During this is a high energy experience we will create a sacred geometric grid to activate the highest crystalline frequencies and Multidimensional activations to awaken your spiritual gifts of Divine Service.

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Aurora Luna Star


As a Soul Vibrational Alchemist, Aurora guides sound journeys that transmit a high vibrational frequency for your soul's alchemy. She will be offering a Galactic Guided Sound Journey that will transport you into the cosmos! As a Starseed, you may commune with your Star family. You may find yourself on another planet, in another solar system or even another galaxy. You may experience a quantum leap into higher consciousness as your soul goes on an evolutionary journey into higher dimensional realms. Her high-frequency sound transmission may even activate light codes within you!

Victoria Lopez

Victoria's dedication to drumming and sound healing techniques adds a
rhythmic and vibrational dimension to her work. She skillfully weaves
mesmerizing rhythms and resonant frequencies to create a sacred space
where healing and cosmic connection can be attained. The beat of her
drum serves as a powerful catalyst to unlock stagnant energy, enabling her
clients to release emotional blockages and to align to higher truth.