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Suzanne Ross


The Ascension Timeline with an Ascension Acceleration Meditation

Along with welcoming everyone and introducing the event, Suzanne will also be offering a presentation about the Ascension Timeline. In her book, Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation: 10-days on the Ascension Path, she explores the concept of Ascension throughout the ages and through different cosmologies. Through intuitive guidance, research and writing, Suzanne has identified many different levels of cosmic consciousness that affect and determine the Ascension Timeline. She will share these with you in an inspiring, empowering and enlightening presentation focused on heralding in the New Earth as 5D Avatars. She also offers a guided Ascension Acceleration meditation accompanied by sound journeys performed by Aurora Luna Star and John Dumas.

Lyssa Royal Holt

Becoming Metahuman: Activating the Essential Next Steps in Human Evolution

As humanity approaches a major nexus point in its evolutionary process, each of us can accelerate our own awakening and help to uplift humanity by making subtle yet powerful shifts in perception and consciousness. In this presentation, Lyssa will channel the Pleiadian teacher Sasha, who will offer a bird’s eye view of human and cosmic evolution, and how we can create the fertile ground upon which our new consciousness can take root and blossom into its fullest potential as universal beings.


Vincent Genna


Magical & Miracle Messages from Spirit

With Internationally, renowned Psychic Medium and Mystic Healer, Vincent Genna, you can look forward to an evening full of inspiration and magic. He will forever transform your life as he delivers messages of love, comfort, forgiveness, and healing weaved through the evidential memories and specific details loved ones in spirit wish to impart! You have NEVER experienced Mediumship as powerful and quite like this! What makes Vincent different is he has the unique ability to thin the veil between the physical and Spirit worlds so that you feel as if the transitioned souls are alive again! Then he goes where few others dare to go to obtain the deepest life-transforming messages.

"During my live events, I am an instrument for the Spirit world. Spirits mirror my mind and the skills, experiences, and knowledge I have gained through my life to communicate thoughts, feelings, images, and memories to audience members. The total energy in the room and the purity of the intentions and purpose of the connections aids the spirits’ communication of evidential details that you will recognize, proving their love for you never dies."              ~Vincent Genna, MSW

Matt & Joy Kahn

A Soulful Evening with Matt & Joy

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Joy and Matt Oct 2023 (1)

Jamye Price

Light Language: Understanding Your Multi-Dimensional Communication

In this presentation, Jamye will demonstrate the metascience behind the increase in Light Language and how it is bridging our conscious understanding of the subtle laws of connection we are integrating into the physical experience of separation.

Jamye will transmit Light Language and Crystalline Soul Healing to offer direct support as your multi-dimensional awareness enhances as knowledge continually becomes the wisdom of experience.

Jamye Price

Allison Carmany


Traveling thru Dimensions: The Quantum You: This talk focuses on how multiple timelines exist all at once and how you can go to your highest timeline if you know how to access it. Matter is not solid, it’s flexible & malleable, and you have the ability to change it with our thoughts. We can use manifestation in the higher dimensions to create things in the 3D world. Allison will guide a meditation that will immerse you in the experience of accessing higher timelines and manifesting in them to create in 3D.

Brandie Wells

The Light and Shadows of the Soul: Psychic Insights from the Angelic Realm

Join Brandie Wells, Breakthrough Medium, for an enlightening presentation focused on connecting with the angelic realm and uncovering profound insights from within your soul. Discover practical techniques to serve as a conduit between heaven and earth, discerning messages from your angels amidst life's noise. Through Brandie's guidance, explore how to listen, engage, and interpret the wisdom of the angelic realm. This transformative journey promises spiritual awakening and self-discovery.

Brandie Wells

Dr. Yafi Yair


The Light Flow of the Divine Feminine

A channel, an intuitive, an author, and a doctor of clinical psychology, Yafi presents on channeling the Divine Feminine Hathor, who teaches about contact, human evolution, the Earth-wide consciousness shift, and the rise of the feminine in today’s world. Dr. Yafi will channel transmissions from The Divine Feminine, conducting Field Tuning (Hathor), Light Language (Isis), and taking questions from the audience while channeling Divine Sources

Robin Jelinek

Choose Your Universe: Life Guidance from Universal Consciousness
Robin has been on a spiritual journey for most of her life. She is a Life Coach and Bestselling Author of the book, Choose Your Universe: An Exercise in Freedom. The teachings in her book serve as the basis for understanding your present reality and how you are choosing it.

Robin has had many profound spiritual experiences, including a full Kundalini Awakening back in 2001. After many years of reading, studying, and a love for such topics, she became a channel for Athena in Truth, a group consciousness collective, in her early 60s. She considers herself an expert on Kundalini Energy and its effects on the evolution of the soul. Robin and her sister, Heidi, assist others on their journeys to enlightenment by preparing them for a Kundalini activation, removing energetic entrapments that block a natural rise.

We would like to invite you to a live Q&A interaction with Athena in Truth, channeled by Robin Jelinek. The primary reason the group has come is to assist humans in getting the lives they have already created through everything they have ever felt. By bringing forth questions about the things that are most important to you. Questions like, “How can I connect more deeply to the Divine?” “How can I have more satisfying relationships?” “How can I become a channel for the Divine?” “Why am I dissatisfied in certain areas of my life, and how can I become satisfied?”

You can read more about Robin and Heidi by visiting their website, www.athenaintruth.com, where you will find information on their various courses, live Q&A membership, Kundalini Activation Mentorship, YouTube channel, and regular podcasts.


Andi Rosenau


Quantum Creativity for New Earth Architects

Take a quantum leap in your role as a New Earth Architect.

This workshop is for authors, writers, and anyone interested in exploring the power of Word as a bridge that alchemically weaves together pure potential and matter, co-creating the fundamental energetic structure of our experienced reality—our realized state of awareness.

We'll examine how a new lexicon for building New Earth is emerging out of the distorted language of the altered ego that drove our third-dimensional experience of fear and separation. Outdated language is progressively giving way to communication with higher expressions of vibrational frequencies, solidly anchoring New Earth energies in our experiential realm.

We are the builders, the Architects of New Earth. Together with a vast array of collaborators, both seen and unseen, we are moving into a new space of quantum creativity far beyond the confines of the limiting beliefs and words of our known tool kit to create. At the very center of our new Architect tool kit is the unknown and, along with it, the courage to embrace our sovereignty in co-creating a new era of human expression—Homo Luminous. This new embodiment of light frequency luminosity is already aligning with Mother Gaia to thrive in a new realm of peace, freedom, love, and abundance, New Earth.

Join Andi in exploring and expanding your New Earth Architect tool kit!

Anne Tucker

Experience the Angels: Channeled Angelic Transmissions

Feel the presence of the Angels! Anne Tucker will enter a deep trance state, allowing the Angels to enter and speak through her to share their clear, poetic, and important messages. Each time she channels, the Angels bring through the messages and healing that are most needed for her audience. They will hear your intentions and be with you in this inspiring session.

Anne Tucker Photo

Kelly Palmatier


An Evening with Spirit – A Group Mediumship Reading

Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier will channel loved ones in the Afterlife to speak to audience members. This will include evidential information such as a spirit’s appearance, personality, how they passed, exact names, and other unique validating details. Messages of love and healing are to be expected. Please note, not everyone will receive a reading.

Lori Lané

Lori Lané, CVSMT, Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, will show you how to use tuning forks and sound use to experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse. The vibrational energy of the tuning forks improves mental clarity and brain functioning, brings the nervous system into balance, integrates left and right brain thought patterns and so much more. When you tap the tuning forks, you awaken the life energy of your cells creating a centered and relaxed feeling of synchronized, harmonious energy.


LIsa McCardle


Take this journey with the Light Council as you are supported and guided to hand it all over, surrender and allow Source to purify you. That which was created in the density of the old 3D reality is up for review and the parts that are no longer in service of your highest and greatest good are ready to be released. Ignite the sacred flame of your truest power to release and reconcile, for your greatest good and highest joy. The things, people, agreements, beliefs, karmas, lacks and limitations are complete and now you may let them go.  Allow the love of Gaia to release you and purify within her womb to become refreshed, reborn and reNEWed. Receive the activation to allow that which is complete to be released or transmuted, your freedom awaits. You shall become whole, sovereign and free…It is your time to rise up NEW.

Sound Journeys by Aurora Luna Star

Aurora performs sound journeys during the retreat both solo and with John Dumas. Her sound journeys also complement the guided meditations offered by Lisa Mccardle and Suzanne Ross. As a Soul Vibrational Alchemist, Aurora performs sound journeys that transmit a high vibrational frequency for your soul's alchemy. Her high-frequency sound transmission may even activate light codes within you! Aurora has refined her symphony of sound intuitively harmonizing multiple crystal bowls. She also brings through the language of light with activational vocal toning.


Sound Journeys by John Dumas

John Dumas

John performs sound journeys during the retreat both solo and with Aurora Luna Star. His sound journeys also complement the guided meditations offered by Lisa Mccardle and Suzanne Ross. His symphony of sound opens a doorway into altered state of time and space, producing awakened dreaming. John intuitively chooses from a variety of healing instruments which include his personally handcrafted flutes & didgeridoos, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, drums and many other healing tools. With these shamanic instruments guiding us, we tune into the heartbeat of Pachamama (Mother Earth) as we travel her oceans, deserts, jungles, and skies awakening our primordial essence. The participant's soul symphony also becomes awakened by the sonic massage of the didgeridoo as it vibrates over the seven stars within. Sacred sound helps us part the veils of illusion in order to see a higher truth. 

Vortex Journey with Kim Sieb

Vortex Embodiment & Energy Healing Adventure

Experience the healing energy of the land and the healing energy within. Experience the healing vortex energy while attuning to its spiraling energy frequencies as you harmonize your body's energy centers. This heightened vibrational frequency invites harmony for a greater sense of well-being, emotionally, mentally and physically, while also fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness with Mother Earth and the Divine Source. Not only will you learn about the vortex phenomena, you’ll have the opportunity to personally feel and experience the healing vortex energy yourself.


Kim Sieb